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Which one is best for your refrigeration units?
Date: 2018-07-28
Transport refrigeration unit classification is divided into independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration unit, the two are different :

1 . Different Power Source : Independent refrigeration units has an independent diesel engine as a power source, the power of non-independent units rely on the vehicle chassis engine.

2 . Different Power Transmission : Independent refrigeration unit has an independent engine as a power source, and its characteristics are mainly stable and reliable operation, which is crucial for a refrigerated vehicle. And in the parking stall or failure, refrigerated refrigerating units can also operate as usual, so as to ensure the safety of the goods transported.
The power source of the non-independent unit relies mainly on the original vehicle engine, which is characterized by low price, simple structure and easy maintenance. The disadvantage is that parking can not be stopped and frequently open/close the door so that the box temperature is too high, leading to damage to the goods.

3 . Different Transport Distances : Independent refrigeration units are suitable for long-haul transport so independent refrigerating units can work as usual even in the case of road breaks, engine malfunctions and the like, thus ensuring the quality of the transported goods; Non-independent refrigeration units are suitable for distribution within the city or range, relatively speaking, its unit price is low, and easy to repair.

Comparing the above points , I hope you can purchase the proper refrigeration units to protect the goods and services, suitable is the best!
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