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Date: 2019-04-20
1, Electric air-conditioning can work as usual even car engine stops , it is a good thing for trucks, buses, and rv.

2, Energy saving and environmental protection: electric air-conditioning is the main component of the electric compressor, electric compressor is driven by battery , where the battery of electricity come from? Our car in the driving process will be a steady stream of battery power for ignition, car electrical use, when the battery is fully charged, it will automatically release excess power, so it will result in waste, electric air conditioning use these extra power as a power to bring you the coolness at the same time save fuel consumption.

3, Cooling speed: electric air conditioning make the temperature of cabin to reach 15 degree within half an hour for a long time outdoor vehicles like trucks , engineering vehicles .So no matter how bad the environment, it is not a problem at all.

4, Work as usual when poor road condition : electric air conditioners will not have any impact when low-speed or climbing . In the process of heavy truck driving, the electric air conditioner itself can work to solve the original car air conditioning generated power decline, so that heavy trucks keep enough power forward.

5, You can stop parking at any time, close the window , open the electric air conditioning ,take a good rest in the car.

6, Automatic protection: electric air conditioning have low voltage power protection function to ensure sufficient power to start the engine.

7, Easy installation : electric air conditioning using electric compressor directly connected to the battery, so there is no limit to the location, two hours to install one unit. 

8, Electric air conditioning is suit for a variety of commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, all kinds of trucks ,construction vehicles, cranes, etc.