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STAY COMFORTABLE ------Vehicle Air Conditioners
Date: 2018-07-28
ZHENGZHOU P-TRIP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD provides a complete range of air conditioners climate control systems to keep you comfortable--no matter where you are,enjoy the journey. Start here ,then go anywhere.

In our factory we supply roof, split and under-bench air-conditioners. Our roof models are ideal for saving space inside your car and under-bench air-conditioners, allowing you to install the unit without affecting your vehicle’s aerodynamic capabilities.

If you want up to 12 hours of run time and low-noise, low-vibration performance when the engine is off, check out our Self-contained ONE-PIECE DC BATTERY POWERED air conditioners. They come ready for connection to 12/24 V DC and are powerful, economical and superbly quiet in operation. With these, you can look forward to a long, uninterrupted rest and journey in your car.