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About The Electric Truck Air Conditioner
Date: 2019-03-21
DC powered  truck air conditioner is composed of Electric compressor, condenser, liquid storage dryer, Danfoss expansion valve, evaporator, fan etc , copper tube and  high-pressure rubber tube are connected to form a closed system.



When the refrigeration system is running, circulating in a closed system can be divided into four processes:


Compression process: The electric compressor sucks the refrigerant gas which is pressed by the evaporator at a low temperature, and compresses the refrigerant into a high temperature and high pressure gas to discharge the compressor.

Heat dissipation process: The high temperature and high pressure superheated refrigerant gas enters the condenser. Due to the pressure and temperature decrease, the refrigerant gas condenses into a liquid and discharges a large amount of heat.

Throttling process: After the refrigerant liquid with higher temperature and pressure passes through the Danfoss expansion device, the volume becomes larger, the pressure and temperature drop sharply, and the Danfoss expansion valve is discharged in a mist (fine droplets).

Endothermic process: The misty refrigerant liquid enters the evaporator, and the boiling point of the refrigerant is much lower than the temperature inside the evaporator, so the refrigerant liquid evaporates into a gas. The surrounding heat is absorbed in a large amount during the evaporation process, and then the low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant vapor enters the compressor again.

By repeating this, the purpose of reducing the temperature of the air around the evaporator can be achieved.