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About The Characteristics of Refrigeration Unit Refrigerated Truck
Date: 2019-03-07

The refrigerated truck consists of the walking part of the special truck chassis, and the heat insulation truck body (generally composed of polyurethane material, glass steel, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), truck refrigeration unit, cabin interior temperature recorder and other components.

For special requirements vehicles, Such as meat hook car, can be added with meat hooks, waist, aluminum rails, ventilation slots and other options.

Features of Refrigerated Truck

a) Sealing

Containers for refrigerated trucks need to be tightly sealed to reduce heat exchange with the outside world to keep the temperature inside the cabinet low.

B) Refrigeration

The truck refrigeration units is connected to the container and provides continuous cooling to ensure that the temperature of the container is within the allowable range of the cargo.

C) Lightweight

Goods transported by refrigerated trucks are usually items that cannot be stored for long periods of time. So we take use of  Truck Refrigeration Units to help us keep well and deliver the goods to the destination faster .

D) Insulation
The container of a refrigerated truck is similar to a container, but is made of a material with better insulation and reduces heat exchange.